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WellnessWorks® is your organization's all-in-one workplace wellness program that's fun & educational, and seamlessly fits into your company's framework. 

Programs are specifically designed to encourage a healthier work-life balance and an engaging culture of team building and real camaraderie.

Wellness Services



Promote employee wellbeing and create a thriving culture that aligns with your organization's values and vision.




Create a health-centric environment that fosters community and encourages a healthy lifestyle.


Weekly Yoga at the Watergate Hotel, Washington DC

Sunrise Yoga 7am, Wednesdays &  Yoga Brunch 9am, Sundays 

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Want us to host a private yoga brunch at the Watergate Hotel for your special event or birthday?

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Customized Workplace Mindfulness-Based Wellness Programs

Feeling stressed at work or trying to combat burnout? We can help. Stress triggers vary and there are many different ways people can respond. To help reduce stress and support employee wellbeing, our wellness experts craft a program that's just right for your organization & culture. 

It's important to become aware of stressors and their impact to all of us in order to make healthy, effective changes and implement regular stress management tools.

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Benefits of a Mindfulness Practice

A growing body of scientific research has found that having a mindfulness practice yields POWERFUL benefits. Some of these benefits include: reduced stress and anxiety, depression, and lower healthcare costs. Many people report an increase in work performance, memory, creativity, focus, a stronger immune system, resilience skills, and lower blood pressure. 

Why not give mindfulness a try? 

Check out the mindfulness-based, In Good Company Podcast featuring Hugh Byrne, PhD., world-renowned mindfulness expert and author of The Here and Now Habit.

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Law Firms


IT/Financial Services


Government Employees




Military Veterns




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(healthy eating)

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Quinoa with Black Bean & Corn

  • Try this ancient-grain "superfood" for a nutritional boost. It's a powerhouse of nutrients, low fat, and a complete protein with many essential vitamins and minerals.

Easy Overnight Oats

  • Only takes a few minutes to put together the night before, and you'll wake up to a super satisfying and highly-nutritious breakfast that you can just grab and go.

Chocolate Almond Clusters

  • The perfect combination of almonds and dark chocolate make these chocolate gems a wonderful, nutritious snack or healthy dessert to reach for.

In Good Company Wellness

About Us

Welcome to wellness.

Our Mission

To help people thrive by providing innovative and customized wellness solutions that enhance wellbeing, and making it accessible for a healthy, engaging culture of high-productivity and sustainable success.


At In Good Company, we are redefining the way we work and live by connecting healthy core elements into daily living. Our fresh approach involves bringing together the three pillars of wellness - mind, body, and nutrition with science-based solutions that are fun, interactive, and educational experiences. 

Our expertly designed wellness programs are led by our curated team of highly-trained health and wellness professionals, working together to foster greater wellbeing by promoting good habits and providing useful tools and takeaways for a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

We believe a supportive environment is the key element to wellbeing, and we are committed to creating a healthier community of cohesive collaboration and mindful connection.


Organic Farm-Fresh Delivery

Straight From the Farms of Lancaster County, PA to Your Doorstep All-Year Round


We take great pride in working with Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, a non-profit farm co-op of 100 small-scale organic family farms in Lancaster County, PA to bring you 100% certified organic and non-GMO vegetables that are ethically grown with environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. Lancaster County is well-known for it's nutrient-rich soil and co-op member farms work hard to maintain the land responsibly to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

*Delivering to the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia metro area only

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100% certified organic, just-harvested produce from Lancaster County, PA delivered right to your doorstep

Farm fresh vegetable home delivery

Ethically and responsibly-grown fruits and vegetables that are vitamin-rich with a high-nutrient density, and a low-carbon footprint

Donate to Martha's Table

Help Provide Organic Vegetables to Local Families In Need

In Good Company Wellness proudly supports Martha’s Table, a local DC-based, non-profit organization that believes access to fresh, healthy food is essential for supporting a stronger community. Martha’s Table provides Healthy Eating programs and initiatives that ensure healthy, fresh food is available free of cost to children and families in need. This reach would be impossible without your generous support. 


Everyone has a right to healthy food—and we work every day to ensure this. Whether it’s families who visit our markets, or neighbors who depend on hot meals every night from our mobile food truck, McKenna’s Wagon, we’re working 365 days a year to increase food security and ensure healthy options for our neighbors. Last year, our food programs distributed over 1.6 million healthy meals in the DC community. Our Healthy Eating initiatives work to ensure healthy food is available for those in need, helping to support children and families in the DC community to have greater access to fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. At our pop-up grocery markets, children, their families, and neighbors can shop at no cost for fresh, healthy produce and healthy pantry staples. 

* To donate a week’s share, just let us know at least 48 hours prior to delivery, and we will gladly deliver to Martha’s Table.