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Wellness Works™ Corporate Wellness Program

Your Organization's All-In-One Affordable Wellness Resource

We want to assist you in bringing wellness initiatives into the fabric of your organization and creating a healthier culture of wellbeing and sustainability

Weekly programs offer employees the opportunity to explore, learn and effectively engage in all the four pillars of wellness - Mind, Body, Nutrition, and Financial Health. Our team of experts educate employees on a curated collection of health & wellness topics from a 360-degree approach to whole health, addressing key areas of daily living such as stress management, productivity, fitness, nutrition, financial wellbeing, and how to achieve a greater work-life balance. 

The Wellness Works™ Corporate Wellness Program has been expertly designed to be your all-in-one wellness resource. This integrative wellness solution offers a time-efficient and cost-effective way to incorporate an engaging and impactful wellness program that fits seamlessly into your organization’s framework. Many businesses have also found this program to be an effective tool in team building, attracting and retaining top talent, lowering healthcare costs, increasing productivity & employee morale, and being a fun “Best Place to Work.” 



Week 1 - Mindfulness Workshop with Guided Meditation (1 hour) 

Week 2 - Nutrition Workshop (1 hour) 

Week 3 - Yoga, Pilates, or Bootcamp Class (1 hour) 

Week 4 - Wellness Workshop (1 hour) 


1x Monthly - Onsite Organic Farmer’s Market (2 hours) 

(for employees to purchase local & seasonal produce) 

* Additional services can be added a la carte


Program Workshop Topics 

Mindfulness Topics: 

Mindfulness 101, Being Present in the Here and Now, Practicing Patience Through Mindfulness, Cultivating Emotional Intelligence, Healing Pain Through Mindfulness, Mindful Strategies for Success, Defeating Digital Distractions in the Modern Age, Practicing Mindfulness to Overcome Challenging Emotions, Bringing Mindfulness to Critical Thinking, Cultivating Healthy Relationships With Kindness, Striving for Peak Performance Under Pressure, Conscious Communication, Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance Through Mindfulness, Eating Mindfully, Leaning Into Discomfort, Practicing Mindfulness of Breath & Body to Reduce Anxiety & Stress, Mindful Leadership, Practicing the Pause, Connecting Into Creativity Through Mindfulness, Creating Space to Lead Effectively, Mindfulness in the Workplace 

Nutrition Topics: 

Eating Healthy on the Go, Superfoods That You Need to Eat Everyday, Nutrition for Energy & Mental Focus, Best Foods for Weight Loss/Management, Food As Medicine - Healing Through Nutrition, Bio-Individuality: Eating Right for Your Body, Meal Planning for a Busy Work Week, Sugar Detox, Anti-Inflammatory Foods, the Micro Biome and Gut Health, Never Diet Again, Why Eating Locally & Seasonally Is Better, The Food-Mood Connection, The Grocery Store Tour, Autoimmune 101, Food Really Matters, Why Fad Diets Don’t Work, Healthy Habits For Diet Success, The Science of Nutrition, Snack Healthy & Happy 

Wellness Topics: 

How to Get Restful Sleep, Meditation Isn’t Just a Buzzword, Best Exercises for Your Body & Mind, How to Boost Your Energy Levels, Aging & Vitality, Create Meaningful Relationships, Conquering Stress & Fatigue, Preventing Burnout, Digital Detox, Men’s Health 101, Women’s Health 101, Effectively Manage Stress, Prioritizing You: Self-Care 101, Cultivating Creativity & Compassion, What is Ayurveda, The Science of Exercise on Your Brain, The Importance of Rest & Recovery, 10 Healthy Habits to Cultivate Today, The Practice of Being Present, Reset to Healthy Living, Financial Wellbeing, Planning Well for Your Future

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Empowering people through creating healthy, enriching experiences that are accessible in the workplace and working with your team to promote a positive & healthy culture of balance. Our team of dedicated experts provide a simple & transformative approach to today’s dynamic hyper-paced, high-stress work environment. Programs are designed to encourage employee engagement and team-building.

Workplace Wellness Services

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Connecting the 3 Pillars of Wellness - Mind, Body, and Nutrition

Changing the way corporate wellness has been done. We specialize in encouraging employee participation and engagement through an integrative approach - connecting mindfulness, meditation, exercise, and nutritional programs that focus on stress management & whole health for a sustainable culture of well-being while promoting a healthy work-life balance.