Our Team


Eifer Lyddane - Founder and CEO

With over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness space, as a personal trainer, health coach, and yoga instructor, Eifer founded In Good Company to provide a more balanced and sustainable approach to wellbeing. She believes integrating the three pillars of wellness - mind, body, and nutrition - has a more profound effect when utilized as a whole. Eifer saw firsthand how these key aspects in conjunction with each other can lead to an empowering shift of awareness that creates tremendous transformation with long-term, positive effects - both mentally and physically.She is an outspoken advocate for innovative health and wellness initiatives, and believes a more supportive environment & long-term outlook can lead to a better work-life balance and greater economic & social well-being for all.


Hugh Byrne, Ph.D - Mindfulness Educator, Author & In Good Company Podcast Host

Hugh has been practicing meditation for over 30 years and studied under mindfulness guru, Jack Kornfield. Hugh teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and is a certified practitioner in Somatic Experiencing, a mind-body approach to healing trauma. He has a law degree from London University and a PhD in Political Science from UCLA, and has worked for more than two decades in the field of human rights and social justice. He also the leads a Contemplative-Based Resilience (CBR) training for Syrian refugee aid workers in Jordan twice a year. Hugh is the author of the acclaimed book, The Here-and-Now Habit, and also hosts the In Good Company with Hugh Byrne podcast available on iTunes.


Jay Vilar - Nutritional Therapist

The areas of health optimization, proper nutrition, and human potential have always been a passion for Jay. He attributes his success to principles he learned studying health and nutrition on increasing your energy, sharpening your mind, and being a more productive human being. Jay is a board certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, and he finds it very rewarding to teach people how to use food to heal their body and on how to optimize focus & productivity using nutritional and behavioral science.


Emily Cornelius, RD - Nutritionist & Yoga Instructor

Emily received her degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and has extensive training working with at-risk individuals in multiple areas of health and wellness, including patients with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, IBS, celiac diseases and gluten intolerance. She has also spent several years at an outpatient clinic specializing in chronic kidney disease. Emily has been in the corporate wellness space for over 6 years educating employees on good nutritional habits and dietary/lifestyle diseases. Emily is also a certified yoga instructor and enjoys being able to work with individuals in both nutrition and yoga on their journey to better health.


Cindy Maxted, RN - Health and Wellness Educator & Yoga Instructor

Cindy is passionate about advancing the health and well-being of individuals and communities by bringing awareness, compassion and joy to their lives. She has over 25 years of

experience working with children and families as a Registered Nurse and certified Mindful Educator in the Neonatal ICU and Operating Room. Cindy has an extensive background in nutrition and is also a certified yoga instructor. In conjunction with Johns Hopkins Hospital D-Stress Program in Baltimore, she has taught hundreds of young people, teachers and parents mindfulness meditation, healthy eating, and yoga in Baltimore City schools. Cindy has integrated mindfulness throughout her life and career, and she truly believes that mindfulness gives you the fundamental skills needed to navigate and thrive in all areas of life, especially the very challenging ones.


Cindy Santa Ana - Nutritional Therapist, Author & Health Coach

Cindy Santa Ana is a board certified Nutritional Therapist, certified Integrative Health Coach, Culinary Nutrition Expert and the author of Unprocessed Living: 3 Easy Steps To Transition Into Healthy Eating. She is deeply passionate about teaching people how to reach their ideal weight, increase their energy, and live a healthy balanced lifestyle while juggling their career and personal life. Cindy specializes in teaching individuals how to ditch processed foods and make healthy meals that are delicious, quick and nutritious.


Julie Pearl - Mindfulness Educator

Julie has been a certified mindfulness educator for the past 14 years, with eight years teaching students in Fairfax County Schools (FCPS) in Northern Virginia. Julie specializes in educating individuals on how to manage stress and anxiety using mindfulness-based stress reduction principles and techniques. She is passionate about mindfulness and meditation, and enjoys helping others utilize the benefits of these powerful practices.


Alexandra Cimino - Social Media Content Manager & Yoga Instructor

Alexandra (Al) loves to create meaningful and beautiful content for viewers to learn from and enjoy. Her passion for wellness and mindfulness was sparked after being a Division 1 track athlete at the University of Maryland, where she earned degrees in Marketing and Management. She is also a yoga practitioner for over eight years and has been profoundly impacted by the practice after struggling with the high stress and demands of being a collegiate athlete. She now understands the power of presence and mindfulness and implements these tools everyday to enhance the quality of her life.

Al is also a singer- songwriter, plays guitar and piano, and loves sharing music with others. In her spare time you can find her adventuring out in nature, cooking a delicious and nutritious plant-based meal, and playing music!.