Aren’t they wonderful! With the flick of a switch, they can turn a dark, little space into a magical and beautiful place!

What a modification. What a transformation. WHAT A CHANGE!

As we launch into a new year and a new decade, we want to help you and all of us TOGETHER, #BeTheChange that we want to see in the world. 

Fortunately, we have over 20 years in the health and wellness industry and we want to use this experience to help YOU be your BEST SELF EVER.

In Good Company is built on 3 pillars of wellness – Mind, Body, and Nutrition. By helping you make small changes across all 3 in your daily life, you will shine brighter and brighter. And once you are illuminated, we can guarantee that you will light others up around you - just like a string of bright lights - as your attitudes and actions create a ripple effect to those around you.

So how are we planning to do this? Every month throughout 2020 we are going to share simple ideas of little changes that you can make to be your very best self. Check out this section of our website and our social media for:

· Inspiring quotes and little, fun challenges

· Yoga poses and fitness exercises you can do anywhere, without any equipment

· Healthy recipes and useful tips

…and this isn’t a one-way street. Please share with us and our community! Do you have a favorite healthy recipe? A strategy or technique that you use when you try to get to sleep? Or a go-to yoga pose when times get stressful? Tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and be sure to include #BeTheChange, as we would like to highlight and share some of your tried and true remedies with the In Good Company community!