A thriving workforce with high employee engagement and retention.


A healthier community that promotes long-term sustainability and balance.


A supportive team environment that drives growth and innovation.

Most companies don’t connect the dots when it comes to investing in the wellbeing of their most valuable asset – their employees, and it shows. Gallup Daily Tracking estimates a staggering 90% of American workers have job-related stress, while another 70% are disengaged at work. These are numbers that are troubling, to say the least. Mainly, corporate wellness programs have centered around biometric testing, health risk assessments, fitness challenges, and smoking cessation initiatives that have not shown much of a return on investment, and that’s due to the lack of engagement, enthusiasm and sustainability these programs offer.

We know that employee happiness is directly related to the bottom line of any organization. Companies like Apple, Google, Intel, Aetna, Bank of America, General Mills, Target, Goldman Sachs and many others have implemented a plethora of wellness programs such as mindfulness, nutrition, health coaching, and meditation to optimize productivity and decrease stress levels, and these organizations have seen growth and higher employee retention as a result. With the rising number of chronic illnesses, according to the CDC one in every two adults have preventable conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and with ever increasing healthcare costs, the only real solution is to promote healthy behavior and lifestyle changes within the workplace in a way that supports and engages employees.

We believe a healthy, supportive environment is a key element to a successful organization. Our fresh approach involves bringing together the three pillars of wellness – mind, body, and nutrition with science-based solutions that are fun, interactive and educational experiences. Our expertly designed wellness programs are led by highly trained instructors to encourage long-term, positive lifestyle changes that promote a healthy work-life balance.

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